The Flow of Gas to Power…SANCUS

SANCUS is one of the industry’s leading Technology, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (TEPC) companies for the natural gas and power industries, with custom fabrication services for all industries.

Process Redefined, Success Redefined…CRYOSYS

SANCUS has combined our proven fabrication success and the innovative engineering technology of our Cryosys LLC company, and together we have developed a more efficient processing technology, reduction in CAPEX/OPEX with minimal environmental impact.

Driven by Design, Powered by Service…SANCUS COMPRESSION

SANCUS experience and industry track record, coupled with SANCUS Compression provides gas compression equipment packages worldwide using strategic partners established within the local regions. As a GE Oil & Gas Reciprocating Compression Channel Partner, GE is our exclusive provider of reciprocating compressors, electric motors & gas engines for equipment in the gas compression market. With our main focus on service to the industry, increasing efficiency, reducing downtime and providing optimal alternatives as a vital partner in our client’s success. Providing the highest quality and most durable equipment in the industry gives SANCUS Compression an edge in the gas compression market letting our SERVICE take the lead.

SANCUS and our partners provide the Total Solution. With our procurement, engineering, research & development, fabrication, construction, and onsite installations of our Gas Compression packages, Gas Treatment plants, Gas Processing plants, and Custom Fabrications, our commitment is to provide quality efficient products & services to our clients. Maximizing their return on investment and growth, while bringing tangible sustainable financial benefits to their business.


Our vision is to provide the highest level of service, quality, and reliability while upholding the highest level of respect for God, family, our country, its culture, and its people.
~Joe Bradford, President & CEO

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