Introducing SANCUS Gas Compression

August 8, 2016 – SANCUS Energy & Power LLC is appointed as GE’s 1st Authorized Packager for the GE HSR & Ajax Compressor product portfolio of GE Oil & Gas in the GLOBAL territory.

Another Year of OSHA Zero-Recordables

December 2015 – Another year of OSHA zero recordable accidents! SANCUS, a global leader in natural gas liquefaction, processing, and treating, completed 2015 without any work-related injuries at its facility in New Braunfels, Texas. Most fabrication companies will celebrate when they have zero lost-time injuries in one year. SANCUS has achieved this milestone and gone one step further with zero recordable accidents and has been injury-free since 2011. ~Susan Warnock, EHS Director

North Dakota LNG expands

LAUREN DONOVAN Bismarck Tribune Mar 1, 2015 North Dakota’s only plant that converts a natural gas feedstock into a motor fuel is expanding its capacity at its site near Tioga. North Dakota LNG went on line in September and is well into its second phase. The company recently completed an expansion of its capacity from an original 10,000 gallons a day to 76,000 gallons, according to CEO Paul Burns. The plant is located near the Hess gas processing facility outside Tioga and utilizes methane from Hess’ facility. North Dakota LNG essentially super cools methane into a liquid state — that requires cooling to negative 250 degrees — allowing it to be transported to a location, where it is regasified, according to Burns. The product is gaining in popularity because it burns cleanly and emits less carbon than other fuels sources. Burns said additional capacity will be added depending upon market conditions.

First Gas Liquefaction Plant in the US

May 2014 – North Dakota LNG (NDLNG), a supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) targeting the drilling, fracking and transportation sectors of the unconventional oil and gas industry in the Bakken, announced last week that it will be the first LNG gas liquefaction plant in operation in North Dakota starting Summer 2014. We are pleased to announce that SST Process Solutions (now is CryoSys LLC) a SANCUS Energy and Power LLC company, has been awarded contracts to provide fabrication and its proprietary technology to the construction of this 66,000 gallons per day liquefaction plant. I would like to express my appreciation to North Dakota LNG LLC for the opportunity to allow CryoSys LLC and SANCUS Energy to become a vital part of their success story in North Dakota. Their confirmed faith in our technology and capabilities opens up a great relationship between our companies with a “win/win” scenario and more importantly a lasting friendship. ~Joe Bradford, President/CEO CryoSys and SANCUS About CRYOSYS: CryoSys LLC is a SANCUS company created to combine value added technology and engineering with world class fabrication. The JV is led by a strong management team with many years of experience in the industry. Through our partnership, we combine proven fabrication success with innovative engineered technology to offer more efficient processing equipment, reducing CAPEX while minimizing environmental impact. For more information, visit About SANCUS: SANCUS Energy and Power LLC serves the natural gas industry by providing procurement, process engineering, research and development, construction, and specialized technical products for the natural gas and power industries. We are a global leader and a premier provider of gas processing and production equipment with a total project management and execution team. About North Dakota LNG: Headquartered in Tioga, North Dakota, North Dakota LNG (NDLNG) is a supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) targeting the drilling, fracking and transportation sectors of the unconventional oil and gas industry in the Bakken. A true end-to-end offering, NDLNG provides turn-key alternative fuel solutions for customers at any point in the LNG logistics supply chain, resulting in lower costs and reduced environmental impact. For more information, visit

SANCUS is Awarded the Kazakhstan 20MMSCFD LPG Plant by Universal Clear

November 1, 2013 – Universal Clear awarded the Kazakhstan 20MMSCFD LPG Plant to SANCUS after a FEED study which was conducted with several groups in Houston last July. Kazakhstan is the key regional LPG producer and exporter. The republic’s production expanded with a 26% growth to the same month a year ago. This project is slated to start-up Q4 of 2015.

Under Promise & Over Deliver

April 5, 2015 – “Under promise and over deliver”… SANCUS has completed final fabrication of a 200 MMSCFD Plant (High Ethane Recovery) Cryogenic Plant to be located in West Texas with final deliveries before expectations and budgets lower than projected.