JT Plants


Our Joule-Thomson (JT) plants prepare gas for pipeline transmission by removing hydrocarbon liquids that provide an additional revenue stream. Employing the Joule-Thomson effect, named for the men who discovered it in 1854, the JT Plant is a self-refrigeration system that uses a drop in gas pressure, which allows the gas to expand and create a cooling effect. The unit condenses heavy hydrocarbons out of the gas to meet required gas pipeline specifications. Excess liquids that may condense and cause problems in transmission are recovered and stored for fractionation into sellable hydrocarbon components. The heavier the hydrocarbons contained in the gas, the higher the GPM value.

SANCUS provides JT Plants that meet customer requirements, as well as industry codes and standards. Our plants consist of high quality insulation to minimize the loss of energy, gas to liquid & gas to gas heat-exchangers ensuring removal of liquid hydrocarbon, cold separator, positive displacement pump for methanol injection, high quality valves and instrumentation (pressure & temperature controls and indicators, liquid level control and pressure safety valves), making our plants efficient while complying 100% with our customers expectations.