North Dakota LNG expands

LAUREN DONOVAN Bismarck Tribune Mar 1, 2015

North Dakota’s only plant that converts a natural gas feedstock into a motor fuel is expanding its capacity at its site near Tioga.

North Dakota LNG went on line in September and is well into its second phase. The company recently completed an expansion of its capacity from an original 10,000 gallons a day to 76,000 gallons, according to CEO Paul Burns.

The plant is located near the Hess gas processing facility outside Tioga and utilizes methane from Hess’ facility.

North Dakota LNG essentially super cools methane into a liquid state — that requires cooling to negative 250 degrees — allowing it to be transported to a location, where it is regasified, according to Burns.

The product is gaining in popularity because it burns cleanly and emits less carbon than other fuels sources.

Burns said additional capacity will be added depending upon market conditions.