NGL Plants

Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) can be removed and recovered from rich natural gas through a variety of process. Refrigerated Cryogenic Plants are designed to operate in High Propane and Ethane recovery or rejection mode. The products from the plant will be a pipeline-quality residue gas and a Y-Grade liquid product.

With straight refrigeration technology, the benefits for the customer include low capital and operating expenditures, CAPEX/OPEX, a broad range of applicability, early production capabilities but limited NGL recovery. Expander technology offers superior NGL recovery potential but higher CAPEX/OPEX and a longer time to initial operation due to the long lead time of such specialty equipment as the turbo expander and brazed aluminum heat exchangers.

High Ethane Recovery

This plant design depends largely on the liquid content of the gas <4.25 GPM – cryogenic turbo expander alone >4.25 GPM – turbo expander supplemented with external refrigeration. The low temperatures required to produce high ethane recoveries demand the use of stainless steel and brazed aluminum heat exchangers in customized configurations.

High Propane Recovery

Propane Recovery Process, Ortloff License

Single Column Overhead Recovery (SCORE)

Propane Recovery 97-99%, while rejecting ethane

Selection of Technology used in areas of no ethane markets

RSV Process

Ethane & Propane Recovery Process, Ortloff License

RSV (Recycle Split Vapor), Ethane Recovery 97-99%

Propane Recovery 97-99%, Tolerate increase CO2 inlet