About Sancus

In ancient Roman religion, SANCUS was the god of trust, honesty, and oaths. The strength of these convictions provide the base of our daily business interactions, and define our Team’s philosophy in front of our industry. Loyalty and trust within the services we provide are the framework upon which SANCUS will earn the mutual respect of our business relationships.

SANCUS also protected oaths of marriage, hospitality, law, commerce and contracts in particular. Some forms of swearing were used in his name and honor at the moment of the signing of contracts and other important civil acts. Some words (like “sanctity” and “sanction” – for the case of disrespect of pacts) have their etymology in the name of this god.

Led by a highly experienced management team, SANCUS Energy and Power LLC serves the natural gas industry by providing procurement, process engineering, research and development, construction, and specialized technical products for the natural gas and power industries. Our core capabilities include the fabrication of equipment, required for natural gas treating, processing and liquefaction.

Our resources include our employees and our network of trusted associates from the industries we serve. Our clients are from oil & gas production, LNG, LPG, NGL refining, power generation, and energy industries. We rely on personal relationships, trust, and transparent communications to help our clients solve some of the most challenging oil and gas process-related problems we will face in the future.

Our goal is to exemplify the meaning of SANCUS so that it will become a unique term used in the industry, setting a new standard for excellence and success built around the trust and confidence our partners/clients identify with SANCUS.

Joe Bradford, President/CEO